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Related article: Date: Sun, 25 Nov 2001 17:08:44 -0500 From: Nick Alias Pizza Boy Subject: AFL Players Night AFL Players Night By Nick Alias Pizza Boy NOTE: This story is purely fictional and doesn't imply anything about the sexuality of Jason Saddington, John Stevens, Trent Croat, Ben Dixon, Aaron Lord, Shane Crawford, Matthew Lloyd and Mark McVeight. CHAPTER ONE: This was the night of Australia's most talked annual event. The AFL Players Night. Every woman in Oceania dreamed to attend the night, where the league's hunkiest players got most of their clothes off for their female fans' pleasure. The only reason to like football, most said.Although almost all players were present, some were much more in demand than others obviously. Those had been chosen by a vote organized by the girlish magazines of Australia whose readers had to elect the two finest specimens of each team.Jason Saddington and John Stevens had been the choice for the Sydney Swans. Matthew Lloyd and Mark McVeight were Nude Preteen Boys there as the studliest representatives of the Essendon Bombers. But the Hawthorn Hawks had posed much problem for the organisers. The ballot ended up being so tight, they were forced to send the four candidates: Trent Croat, Ben Dickson, Aaron Lord and Shane Crawford.>From nine until one in the morning, the whole AFL troops signed autographs, stripped to their underwears, did full-monties and took pictures for their hysterical fans. If most players could leave after a couple of hours without creating much emotion from fans, it would have been a crime if the favorites had even taken a minute of break.Pissed off fairly, Jason managed to escape about twenty minutes before the event closed. The Hawks were still on the stage, John and the Bombers busy with their fans on the floor. He got naked and laid on the bench for a couple of minutes in order to cool his mind off a little.He had just returned from showering when he heard loud talks coming from the corridor which led to the stage room. There was no doubt, the other guys had finished.- Hold me, otherwise I'm gonna spank that ass of yours! joked John as he entered the Swans' room.- Nah, you're too much of a sissy boy to spank me. And I'll leave the pleasure of spanking you to your wife.John stood next to Jason when he undressed. His first gesture was to slap Jason's bare butt. Jason responded, which led the two to wrestle in the middle of their changing room.All of a sudden, Jason lost balance and fell on his back, bringing John with him. For a second, both guys froze as they found themselves into such intimate contact.-'s been...quite long since we've been this way, muttered John.- Yeah, but don't think it's because I'm not interested in doing it again, Jason responded teasingly.Both were roommates when the Swans played outside. One night in Adelaide, the team won and all its members got piss drunk after. Back in their room, the two guys lost all their inhibitions and got off on their respective bed before ending the night with intense love-making. Neither John or Jason had even risked to speak about that night, but each secretely loved it.- I hope ya remember how you did it, we were so drunk...Like the previous time, it began by a passionate kiss initiated by Jason.John then began to suck on Jason's nipples while he rubbed their hard cocks against each other.- Come on...forget the preliminaries, we're no women...John grinned and got down on Jason to suck him. His teammate closed his eyes and travelled his hands all accross his toned smooth chest.- Boy, it feels so good...Soon, cum spurted out Jason's 9-inch cock. John swallowed every drop, then licked the semi-erect shaft clean.- WOW! You're so good at it John, it's incredible! CHAPTER TWO: Jason felt extremely calm after John's blowjob. Hearing the other guys laughing and talking loud in the shower room, they chose to continue later since they didn't want anyone to find out.The two guys were laying naked on the floor, hugging each other, when Ben walked in without warning. He didn't seem to mind as he acted normal.- Hey guys, we're havin' a shower over there and we thought about going out for a pint after. Wanna come?- Sure, cool.Ben left and was closely followed by Jason who thought having a talk with the others would avoid the blowjob to be found out. When he realised, John also joined everyone else in the showers.The eight players gathered in the middle of the shower room, the part just in front of the Hawks' room. Some had shampoo on their heads, others had their bodies partly or totally soaped up. All were naked and, judging from their attitudes, it was obvious that everyone was trying to discreetly have a look at the others' flaccid cocks.Naturally, the talks turned mostly around sex and guys stuff. Trent was sort of leading the group and suddently, he went on with his own reflections on team spirit.- Do you realise guys how hypocrite we can be? he asked. Think about it one second. Nude Preteen Boys We play a sport into which we gotta grab each other all the time, we shower together and I bet none of us could soap a teammate's back!- It's nothing hypocrite, protested Matthew. And ya know, I guess I wouldn't mind soaping Mark's butt if needed.Mark was the first to laugh, wishing it was yet another demonstation of Matthew's well-known sense of humor.- Ah yeah??? replied Trent. Then do it!The Bombers looked at each other, speechless. Words and actions were two things and Matthew felt caught in his trap. After a second, Matthew was heard muttering in Mark's ear that it was no big deal for one time. Mark then lifted his shoulders and Matthew grabbed the soap bar to pass it on his back and cheeks.- That's not cleaning a butt! yelled Trent You didn't wash it fully.Everyone present knew Trent wasn't a rough man, he just loved to dare people to do things he expected they'd refuse. But for a reason he couldn't tell exactly, Matthew was thrilled at the idea of manipulating his teammate in such an intimate part.All eyes were on Matthew when he spread Mark's bubble cheeks apart to lather up his crack and hole. Sexual tension began to rise in the room as some of the guys felt aroused and suddently needed to conceal their hard-ons.Trent himself was on his way to get hard but couldn't help and dare Matthew again.- Now, you're gonna check if Mark's ass is clean.- It is!- How can you say so if you haven't licked it yet????? Trent said as his cock grew up at its full 8 inches.Mark's resistance melted in a quarter of second when Matthew knelt down behind him and nervously let his tongue playing around his tight hole. Around him, he saw the players getting hard but still unsure about acting.Suddently, Mark turned over and offered his cock to Matthew. The hunk started sucking on it instantly while Ben got down on Matthew's 9.5-inch meat.The other guys were all mesmerized by the scene, scared and aroused at the same time. Jason finally made a move to shove Ben's dick down in his throat before John went on to care about Jason's rod.Aaron and Shane, who had been masturbating each other since the beginning, brought Trent with them but the three remaining Hawks soon changed their plans and eventually rammed three of the five waiting asses. Aaron fucked Mark hard while Shane went inside John's and Trent sodomized Ben.Only moans and grunts could be heard as everyone did his best to please his teammated and opponents as well as themselves. Hands and fingers were rubbed everywhere, feeling every square inch of smooth skin, every developped muscle.Many guys did huge efforts to keep their loads until they couldn't wait anymore. All of a sudden, their cocks erupted all their semen. Ben, John and Mark had their asses filled with the warm juices of Trent, Shane and Aaron at the same time Matthew, Ben, Jason and John swallowed their mates' cum from the instant it got onto their tongues and lips.- Ah.....THAT WAS HOT! they exclaimed.They laid on the floor for a while, relaxing. Couples formed gradually, Matthew with Ben, Trent and Shane, Aaron and Mark, plus the already-formed duo of Jason and John. In pairs, they showered Nude Preteen Boys together to wash off the amount of cum and sweat everyone had on them. Finally, they dressed back, grabbed their stuff and rushed into their hotel rooms... THE END Each year, the AFL makes the "Men For All Seasons" calendar. I'm planning to write about what happened backstage of the calendar's photo shoots...All my stories are in the gay/celebrity section of the archive.QUESTIONS?? COMMENTS??? SUGGESTIONS??? E-MAIL ME AT: NICKALIASPIZZABOYHOTMAIL.COM
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